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Should I Become a Good News Community Partner?

If you have competitors working to attract your customers, or if you want to consistently grow your sales and make more money, then becoming a Good News Community Partner is one of the best investments you can make in your business or organization and our community.

When you become a Good News Community Partner, we share the good news story of how your business is a positive impact on the community and supports our work too.

What story about your business and its relationship with our communities would you like to tell?

Your positive story about your business or organization becomes even more reason members of the community become loyal to you, your business or organization.

Sharing your message is an investment in success!  It keeps your business or organization top-of-mind, gives your business or organization a successful image, attracts new customers, creates store traffic, and encourages repeat business.

Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady Good News Community Partners.  With the Super Station Network, you can reach your target consumer in their homes, automobiles, offices, and on their mobile devices as they go about their day.

The Super Station Network is part of a 501(c)3 organization, Friends of WFGH, Inc., so becoming a Partner is fully tax deductible.

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