||* Sunday (4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.) on WVWP *||

Randy Hill and John Peyton introduce to you one of the most unique radio shows on the planet.  Hold on to your grits ‘cause this is The Roadhouse Revival, the best rockin’ gospel boogie this side of the Jordan River!

The Roadhouse Revival brings you the most uplifting works and rare interviews from the world’s greatest artists. We have gathered the very best inspirational songs from main stream artists, and have built an extensive musical library of archived rare cuts, culled from the recordings of yesterday and today.

The Roadhouse Revival Radio Show is a return to the roots and heritage of America, by blending traditional old school church sounds with soulful blues and rockin’ British undertones.

Not a lick of preachin’…the music does all the talkin’.