||* Saturday (2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.) on WASP *||

Party Rocker, Remix King, Super Producer, and Radio Ruler.  Join DJ Noodles with the latest Radio Remix, a music-intensive, hit-driven mix show.

The show features DJ Noodles’ hand picked remixes and mash ups of the biggest hits, by the top producers and remixers in the world.

DJ Noodles brings the show during his high energy performances!  His sound can be described as a genre mashing experience rooted in big room electronic music with hip-hop, trap and reggae influences, which is the perfect combination to get you moving.

A name to know and an artist to watch in Electronic music, DJ Noodles continues to shine as a rising star in the DJ/Producer ranks and has taken his fans on quite a wild and exciting ride. DJ Noodles is well known as the go-to remixer for some of the biggest names in music expanding his library of collaborations while working on official projects for artists spanning the gamete of the industry, from David Guetta to Pitbull.

Turn on a radio just about anywhere and you are sure to hear a mix or remix that DJ Noodles is responsible for.

Party Rocker, Remix King, Super Producer, and Radio Ruler – DJ Noodles is a name to know and a star to watch.