||* Sunday (4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.) on WASP *||

The best Christian EDM on the radio!  Movement Radio with the Transform DJs features continuous positive Electronic Dance Music.

Transform is an American EDM-Pop act consisting of Jonathan Burgess and Tim Heil, along with their wives, Angela Burgess and Lorna Heil.

Transform has emerged as a Pop influenced, Electronic Dance Music band. With their endless energy, voices for justice, and hearts for worship, they fill the atmosphere with sounds that combine various genres, from house, to rap infused pop songs, to melodic trance anthems.

Today, Transform continues to reach a culture practically untouched by the church by using their music and performance as a platform to inspire life— eternal life, preborn life, and a love for life with a relationship with an all powerful loving Savior.

Transform DJs – They will move you!