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There’s no excuse for not “Getting Sticky”.  Award-winning DJ Sticky Boots mixes your favorites with the best of The HyperMiXx.

An internationally recognized DJ and emcee, Sticky Boots is best known for his award-winning syndicated radio mix show, The HyperMiXx, which features both Vocal EDM and Mainstream Top 40 music selections.

Versatility and flexibility behind the decks are key words in describing the talents of DJ Sticky Boots.  Coming from a richly diverse musical background and spinning parties since the age of 13, Sticky has perfected his skills over a wide variety of musical styles, venues and audiences over the last three decades.  In fact, for the last five years he has been voted as one of the Top 100 DJs in the US by leading trade magazine, DJ Times, thereby solidifying his role as music industry tastemaker and fan favorite.